Discover Advanced Dental Care at Enamel Microscopic Dentistry in Vijaynagar, Mysore.

Welcome to Enamel Microscopic Dentistry in Vijaynagar, Mysore! 

 We are a dedicated team of dental specialists committed to providing comprehensive dental solutions using cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques. As the leading dentist in Mysore, Vijaynagar, our primary focus is on minimally invasive dentistry, ensuring minimal discomfort & post-operative pain for our patients. All our procedures are conducted under sterile conditions with utmost care to prevent cross-contamination and infections.

For top-notch dental care in Vijaynagar, Mysore, trust Enamel Microscopic Dentistry to deliver the highest quality treatment with modern technology & a patient-centric approach. 

About Us

Excellence in Dental Care by Certified Dentists - Your Trusted Choice!

Experience World-Class Dental Care – Certified Dentists, Including Implant Dentist, Root Canal Specialist, Orthodontist, and Cosmetic Dentist in Mysore

Discover top-notch dental treatments from our specialized team of three certified dentists near me. With over 10+ years of expertise, we combine advanced technologies and bio-mimetic protocols under magnification to aesthetically restore damaged teeth, ensuring the longevity of your precious pearls.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to constantly upgrade our skills and equipment, providing patients with world-class dental care that meets international standards. 

Visit your dentist in Mysore today. Schedule your appointment now for exceptional dental care.

Why Choose Us?

Coz' We Make Dental Treatments Fun!

Meet Dr. Shreyas

Your Trusted Microscopic Dentist in Vijaynagar, Mysore

Discover the expertise of Dr. Shreyas, a highly skilled and experienced microscopic dentist renowned for delivering top-quality dental care to patients of all ages.

With cutting-edge technology & advanced equipment, Dr. Shreyas provides precise, accurate diagnoses & treatments for dental problems. From root canal therapy to tooth restoration & cosmetic dentistry, his proficiency covers a wide range of dental procedures.

Experience excellence in dental care with Dr. Shreyas in Vijaynagar, Mysore.

Our Services

Elevate Your Dental Experience
Certified Dentists in Vijaynagar, Mysore.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Discover the art of enhancing smiles with our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services at Enamel.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Experience the precision of digital dental X-rays for comprehensive oral health assessment.

Root Canals

With Enamel, you get the fastest and painless Microscopic Root Canal treatments done.

Seamless Appointments for Dental Care - Book Now & Experience Excellence!

Priority Dental Treatments: Book Your Slot for Quick Care at Enamel Microscopic Dentistry, Vijaynagar, Mysore!

Cosmetic Dentistry


What Our Patients Say

Shyamala UmeshShyamala Umesh
05:30 20 Nov 22
I had cavities for long and a chipped off molar tooth. It had worsened and wasnt able to eat. The treatment given here was very smooth and painfree. I have no issues after the treatment and have been eating normal food. Thank you Dr. Shreyas for treating so well. The clinic is very good too.
Aishwarya RaoAishwarya Rao
05:18 20 Nov 22
Dr. Shreyas is very knowledgeable and experienced. The treatment was painless and clearly examined. The root cause and the scenario was explained in simple words. The equipments used were advanced and is set up to help the patients have the best and pain free experience. Highly recommended and appreciated. Thank you.
shashank shettyshashank shetty
13:21 17 Nov 22
Great experience for my dental treatment. Highly experienced team and the clinic is technologically very advanced.Thank you Dr Shreyas & Enamel Microscopic Dentistry for a good dental treatment experience!
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