Gum & Periodontal Therapy

Enamel Microscopic Dentistry in Mysore offers a comprehensive range of Periodontal Treatments to address various gum and periodontal disease issues. The available periodontal treatments include:

  1. Scaling and Root Planing: This deep cleaning procedure involves removing plaque, tartar, and bacteria from the teeth and root surfaces. It helps to eliminate infection, reduce gum inflammation, and promote gum reattachment.
  2. Gum Grafting: Used to treat receding gums, gum grafting involves taking tissue from another area of the mouth or using synthetic materials to cover exposed tooth roots. It helps restore gum tissue and protect the roots from further exposure.
  3. Periodontal Flap Surgery: In cases of advanced periodontal disease, periodontal flap surgery may be necessary. It involves lifting the gums to access and clean the tooth roots and supporting structures, and then repositioning the gums for optimal healing and gum reattachment.
  4. Periodontal Maintenance: Following periodontal treatment, regular periodontal maintenance visits are essential to maintain healthy gums. These visits involve thorough cleanings and ongoing monitoring of gum health to prevent the recurrence of periodontal disease 
  5. Laser Gum Therapy: Utilizing laser technology, this minimally invasive treatment targets and removes diseased gum tissue, promoting gum reattachment, reducing gum pocket depth, and stimulating healing.
  6. Dental Crown Lengthening: This procedure is performed to expose more of the tooth’s structure by removing excess gum tissue or bone. It may be done for cosmetic purposes or to prepare the tooth for other dental treatments.

These periodontal treatments, performed by skilled periodontal specialists at Enamel Microscopic Dentistry Mysore, aim to restore gum health, reduce inflammation, and prevent further damage. By utilizing advanced techniques and technologies, the clinic ensures optimal treatment outcomes and improved periodontal health for patients.

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